What is your legacy?


I like being mortal. It makes you appreciate what is in life in the here and now. It shakes you up and often delivers a ‘slap in the face’, alleviating complacency and promoting self-worth. When life is pronounced extinct, it makes you reflect on the past, memories of that person and your relationship with them. One such recent passing made me think about our legacies.

To depart, in a favoured armchair, in a home adored, surrounded by a wonderful view in a peaceful setting, seems to those of us who have seen loved ones tormented and ravaged by illness, a welcome end to a fulfilled life.

Robin was a quiet soul, an unassuming man, whose love of nature and of helping others shaped his life. It was a life of giving. He imparted his knowledge of healing to many hundreds of students and clients. Underneath that persona was a man of immense determination, meticulous in his work and a luddite with technology until the end.

Yesterday I sat surrounded by other like-minded people in a chapel to celebrate his life. As I looked around at the faces unknown, it struck me that with his other colleagues and friends, this man decided to make a difference. He didn’t just talk about it. He did it. He left behind a successful college, a wealth of notes, remedies and a joy in the hearts of all who knew him. Robin’s legacy is immense.

So what is mine? If life ended now, I would be remembered for teaching many small people, encouraging those who felt that they were not good enough, blatant indoctrination into the ways of Brighton and Hove Albion, hating cheese and a love of cows! But this is my past. My future is to extend that healing of lives into shaping the futures of ‘grown-ups’.  What will be yours? If transition scares you, seek someone who can help. Live in your own happiness.


“We will known forever by the tracks that we leave.”
Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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