Well-being in the Workplace


So… you are a boss of a business, your productivity is fine, but could be better. You know you are competitive within your market. Life is good, but something is missing… what?

You take a walk around. For once you actually view your employees as individuals, then as a whole. What is the vibe? What is missing? Is it happiness? Does happiness in the workplace even matter?

It matters! For a race of people who spend more than 38 hours a week at their workplace, wanting to be there, or at least not hating every moment is paramount. For a business to be known as one that looks after the employees is surely a win win situation. Job vacancies easily filled, staff turnover probably not that prolific, staff with a smile on their faces.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. It means people are appreciated and want to work for you. It means loyalty. It means less staff absenteeism through everyday ailments, less time signed off for stress. Happy? As a business, you should be.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, or whether you can offer a multitude of well-being activities in-house, just being aware and mindful of how your employees are feeling and thinking about their work environment and acting on it will set you apart from the rest.  Creating opportunities to develop the individual, help them cope in everyday life, focus on embracing changes that may occur does not have to be something created out of thin air.

There is help out there. Staff well-being – underrated and undervalued. Be proactive and to be productive!


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