Uncertainty Breeds Change


Uncertainty.  This word sums up how I view the world at the moment.  There has never been a stability in the world; humans fight. We pick sides, support or condemn as our politics and opinion sway our individual attitudes and those of our leaders. Generally, you know what to expect – where the loyalties are whether it is with old allies or with new emerging powers for financial gain.  Only lately, there seems to be less of this ‘old guard’ and more of the ‘tales of the unexpected’.   I still recall the shock of waking up on June 23rd to the news we had voted leave. I admit that never in a million years had I thought that the outcome would be just that.  Total disbelief amongst the people I conversed with that morning, whether they had voted leave or remain. The people had spoken.  

So we fast forward to the Amercian election campaign. More showbiz and glitz than The Oscars – with the villain and hero changing day on day.  It seems that the shockwave was sent across the pond. Our dissatisfaction with the status quo travelled with alarming alacrity to our cousins.  It was on the cards. There seemed to be something almost DIsney about this outcome. Where it will take them, us and the world is yet to be witnessed. Uncertainty.  Eckhart Tolle stated:

“When you become uncomfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

We can only watch and wait to see how the world reacts. One thing is for certain, the rule book has been torn up and thrown away. Maybe that is how we as individuals should view our own lives. If the norm no longer applies, and on a global scale anything goes, why not plan your own change manifesto?

“It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new.”

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