Time to be Happy!


In the news this week has been the debate between what makes you happier – time or money?

As someone not brought up with a wealthy background, money has always been something to work extremely hard for, to obtain and sustain a standard of living that has become my norm. I was brought up to believe that life should not be lived via credit; if you can afford it, you have it otherwise you do not! I have stood by those values instilled in me by my father. Perhaps at times being more frugal than need be, but money for me is security and security has always been my top priority.

So does having time make you happier than having money? I had to think about this quite carefully. Money has allowed me to make choices and has given me the chance to continue to follow my football team each season. This has given me untold happiness (as well as stress!) over the years. Do I value time? I think at the age I write this, life experiences have definitely changed the value I place on time.  When you are told that your loved one has a life-limiting illness with a small amount of time left alive it makes you appreciate every moment. Time becomes less of an expanse and more finite. Each moment is a chance for memories. That in itself is special. That in itself almost stops time and creates happiness in the mundane. Since that event my view of time in a work / life balance has shifted. We have all had deaths that have caused us to stop and take stock. Often we promise life will be different, we will change our bad habits, sort out our unhappiness, but realistically we revert back to the old tried and tested world because it is easier. Having time to be me, to do what I wish is now very important. I am fortunate enough to be able to earn money as and when through my experience and expertise. I know that and appreciate that not everyone has that capacity. Working oneself so hard that life becomes all about eat, sleep, work is not happiness. It is the hamster wheel and I do not wish to be on it 24/7.

Happiness to me is being at one with my core. Knowing who I am and surrounding myself with those who nurture and appreciate me for who I am. People come into life and go from life. The external happiness they can exert can be very intense, very passionate and all-consuming. Ultimately, they cannot provide you with your happiness; that has to come from within. To allow yourself to grow as a person, you need time to grow, to grieve, to think and just to be.

Money or time? Time or money? An easy choice for me.

“The moment you realise how important time is, your entire perspective will change.”

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