Switch on Happiness

In the midst of the darkest gloom there is happiness, however fleeting the moment. It is within us all and can be manifested in an instant. Think of it as flicking a switch to put the metaphorical light on.  This switch can hide away in the depths of our inner being, gathering emotional dust, never to be touched again – for many it feels exactly like that. However dim the light becomes, there is always a switch; it does not seize up, disappear or hide.

There are times when our switch can feel so disconnected from life itself, that we wonder if we will ever feel happiness again?  In these darker times, it is important to hold onto the memories, words and passions from the past that have caused pleasure, made us smile or ignited intense laughter. It is these moments that will help us through the days of despair.

As International Happiness Day arrives, for those who have an abundance of hope, passion and joy in their lives, it can be a day of celebration. Yet for others less fortunate, it can be seen as a day of falsehood; so far removed from reality, it seems a fallacy. I would urge those who feel the enveloping darkness to take a moment today to think back, remember back to a happy event and to try to concentrate their minds on how it felt to be in that time – to relive the senses, to promote emotional wellbeing. Timeout to relive the past is not a bad thing. It stimulates the endorphins, the happy hormones and keeps us in touch with our ‘switch’.

It is not possible to what is the right or wrong to do for everyone, so I will leave this blog post with the following message the late Ken Dodd told us:


“ Happiness, happiness,  the greatest gift that I possess.”


Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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