Pain and Pills



Pain… one of the words I really do not like. Whether it is used to note a physical or emotional existence, pain does not emanate joy.  Yet pain is actually our friend. Pain is your body’s way of talking to you, sharing its dis-ease in whatever form is needed for us to stop and listen.

It is a very human trait not to listen straightaway when things are less intense. We often perform the classic procrastination technique until the body says “STOP, NO…I MEAN IT…STOP!” By then something deeper has occurred, albeit injury or wounding to the heart.

I have kindly been given pain this long weekend. Pain that said…”did warn you, been nagging at you for months, now look!” There was no way of ignoring this pain. It hit me and made me tearful. So I stopped. I finally listened as I couldn’t walk or drive….no choice.

I chose not to fill my body with a constant stream of painkillers, I prefer to feel the pain, understand what it is about, then treat accordingly with alternative ways. That is my choice. I listened to a medical professional this morning suggesting I take paracetamol and ibuprofen all the time for five days.. But then to be careful as prolonged use of ibuprofen will cause tummy difficulties. Hm…no thanks! She looked taken aback as I told her I would not be consuming painkillers like sweets and that I would take the edge off if needed to sleep,but that was that. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the fact we have the NHS and am indebted to the people who put their heart and soul into it.  What I don’t like is the fact that it has begun to close its mind to other therapies running alongside it. Life is run by the large pharma companies. Not everything has to be solely about drugs. I appreciate my viewpoint is far from the norm and it is just that, my view. I just don’t believe that swallowing a drug is always the answer. My pain is mine, it is natural, it is telling me to stop. It isn’t telling me to eat a small pharmacy. Sometimes there is another way.  Other ways are not witchcraft and sorcery!

“Your pain is an opportunity to learn about yourself.” Gary Zukav

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