Oxytocin me Happy!


There are times in life when something you see resonates with you, a new word is learnt and then you come across that word all the time… a word that had gone unnoticed in your mind’s eye because it wasn’t relevant to you at the time. For me, that word is oxytocin.

Never one to absorb sciencisms, I stumbled across this label during a course I was studying. Another name to forget over time I initially thought, but the more I read, the more I became interested in this natural hormone.  Far from being the poorer relation to feisty cortisol, oxytocin has the wonderful non de plume of  the ‘cuddle / love hormone’ what is there not to like?

Scientists have discovered that this neuropeptide can have a profound impact on our abilities to show trust, devotion and kindness. It also allows us to react better in social situations.  Now I can think of a fair few people who could do with that! Think of the benefit a spray of oxytocin in the nostril would bring to those in power; those who make decisions that make or break our lives!

Oxytocin combats the cortisol stress hormone and lowers blood pressure. This gem sounds too good to be true. And it is natural. It is in all of us.  One member of the ‘happy hormone’ group including, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, it is something we can look to boost ourselves through our daily activities. I, for one, am giving it a try!
Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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