Moving Up

KLH Training have created a unique learning programme for schools. Too often School pupils who are identified as either being disruptive in class, have non attendance or have dropped in their educational performance have very few measurable options for long term solutions to get them back on track into mainstream education.

With Moving Up we can offer a cost effective solution to keeping pupils in mainstream education with robust and reliable results.

Offer and Approach

Ladder to the sun

We can offer year 6 –  11 pupils a one term mental resilience programme. This programme will measure every pupils mental resilience before and after the programme and use the very latest experiential learning techniques, such as creating luminal spacing, to produce a measurable increase in the following areas for your school:

  • Increased school attendance
  • Attainment against specific learning outcomes
  • Improved behaviour in the classroom
  • Improvement in ability to interact with other pupils and teachers
  • Greater perception of the effects and results of bullying
  • Adoption of positive behaviours – “can do!”
  • Aspirations – seeking to optimise their potential
  • Openness to change – transition
  • Completion/Drop Out– more likely to see things through

We aim to deliver a fully bespoke programme for you meaning the options provided are merely suggestions. If you wish to change timeframes or add one to one pastoral care to help embed changes we can be flexible around you.

In order to show that the Pupil Resilience programme has been effective we would propose the use of our own mental toughness psychometric assessment called MTQ48, This testing is at the forefront of current psychometric tools and is designed to measure character. It helps to develop a mindset which assists individuals in determining how they deal with stress, pressure and the challenges of prevailing circumstances.

Please contact us for a consultation on how we can help your school.