Mental Wellbeing Healthcheck

We offer the following bespoke service to companies:

  • An annual current employee mental health check
  • A pre recruitment mental health check

Being able to have an awareness of the wellbeing of your staff is crucial for the health of a company. This critical area of HR can often be overlooked, with crisis being reached before the importance of a balanced mental health is understood.

To prevent long-term staff sickness and to improve productivity, KLH Training offer the chance to review and maintain contact with staff on an annual basis.

We would use an online mental toughness psychometric assessment called MTQ48. This testing is at the forefront of current psychometric tools and is designed to measure character. It helps to develop a mindset which assists individuals in determining how they deal with stress, pressure and the challenges of prevailing circumstances. This has the potential to stop the decline in mental wellbeing and promote the use of resilience strategies to improve the individual’s approach to the workplace.

The same testing can be used for potential recruitment candidates.The opportunity to test an individual’s ability to deal with change can be monitored, highlighting the particular ‘pinch points’ that may trigger a stress or an absence for that employee before a position is offered.