Mirror, mirror


The joys of Valentine’s Day or as for so many, a day to rue what is missing.

Are you one who is single and feel like you are part of an underclass or are you rocking the spinsterhood movement – or somewhere in between?

For those who are alone on this over-hyped day of enforced love and commitment, are you genuinely happy with your life? If the answer is that you have spent all day wrapped in the duvet, eating chocolate bemoaning the lack of love in your life, then look deeper.

Happiness and self-love are very much one and the same. Do you really need the external world around you to make you feel happy?  People are attracted by many things. To be attractive to someone else, you need to feel attractive to yourself. Having that inner core of happiness is much more that a smile on the face. It is a total approach into how you deal with the mundane, everyday life and your relationships with those around you.

Take time to think about how you portray yourself? What could the mirror, mirror on the wall show you? Would you like what you saw? If not, change takes a nano second. Decide on your pathway and make those steps out of unhappiness.  If you listened to Fred on FIrst Dates, the whole world is about love. Yes, it is, but not necessarily partner love. Love yourself first! The rest will follow.

Clarity – Confidence – Courage = CHANGE

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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