Hug Those Failures!

We are taught that to succeed is wonderful, praise is heaped on achievement from an early age. From sibling rivalry, competitive parents through to peer pressure, the drive to be the best is a well-worn path in most lives. Championing failure is not an everyday occurrence, yet it should be! 

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again only more intelligently.” Henry Ford.

Our greatest learning stems from our failures right from birth. Babies are the prime example of failure.  It takes dedication and doggedness to perform the myriad of new learning the world has to offer, but it is the desire to succeed that has driven us all forward into infancy.

Barriers to achievement begin to show in school. This is where vast differences amongst abilities are displayed within the intensive classroom day.  For those lucky enough to encounter establishments and inspirational teachers that are not solely results driven, victory is found in other ways. Small steps forward are celebrated allowing confidence to soar. 

Failure and confidence are inherently linked. Having watched a wealth of sport myself, you see examples of individuals pushing through the failure barrier; true resilience.  In this current high profile, high earning market, the price of success is immense. Top professionals all have an experienced coach who deals with the mindset which is as equally important as with technique.  In order to be your best possible self, you need to deal with the inner demons that sabotage our thoughts. The mind makes the difference to each day. Having a skill-set that allows you to sift and sort through the relevance for each task and dismiss the background gremlins allows positivity to flow. Once in that flow, our journey can lead us anywhere. 

To get to the top you have to start at the bottom. Your journey is never direct from A to Z, it will meander through failure and upset time and time again, yet the end goal of achievement helps us strive onwards.  Embrace the short-comings, use them as a stepping stone to the next chapter. Never give up – thank defeats for the signposts to a better way that they are and hug those failures!

“Don’t fear failure, fear the absence of progress.”

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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