Happiness is….Running With Sticks

For those of us who adore the Channel 4 Programmes ‘The Secret Life of…’ watching and listening to young children play has been enthralling. Cameras and microphones capture the world of the child and all its intricacies. The social commentary is fascinating, even to someone like me, who has been in education for over 20 years.  I had the privilege to be in the company of a class of nursery children this week. Children who I had never met, therefore had no expectation of how the morning would be.

I was struck by the overall contentedness the individuals had for leaving their adult; obviously feeling safe and secure in their environment. They happily engaged in conversation without wariness, often leading me off to find other things to do, taking me under their wing, trusting in and generous with their time and words.

It was outside, in the freezing February weather, where I witnessed such oneness and such joy in small things that left an imprint on me. A large group were playing together, chasing each other, all smiling, no one feeling left out, spacial awareness intact. There was such pleasure in this small act for all involved. Back inside wonderful conversations were had about cheese, pyjamas and bears. Eclectic yet relevant in their world. The morning culminated in wellies and the field. Fascination was held by the class in finding large sticks and running like the clappers with them. No hitting, stabbing or misbehaving – just running in their own time and space, blown by the weather. Sticks were very popular, others wanted to find one too….it became a cult. But it was also beautiful and simple. You run, you giggle, you smile, you hold your stick and you are happy.

“Joy is the evidence of inner growth.” Maria Montessouri

How often as an adult can you have ‘beautiful and simple?’ Our world is not innocent; our word is packed full of troubles and trauma. We lose the ability to think like a child. We fail to see the day as a new experience, full to the brim of possibility. We see the mundane, the drudgery and we forget that it is only us who allow us to feel that way.  We still need the joy in life to be able to grow. Let the children show you how it is done. Get out in the world, find your ‘stick’ and run like the wind…..

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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