Happiness in a survey? Think again…


Have you heard the news? Mid Sussex is the happiest place to be in the country – allegedly.

Yet another satisfaction survey has been undertaken to find out where in the country people are happiest. Is it surprising that a lot of cities are cast as less happy places to be?

Is this really about happiness itself or rather is it a survey which has wealth at its core?

I live in Sussex, I live in a coastal town. The town has beauty in abundance in so many ways: a fast-flowing, ever-changing river, a seaside promenade with two lovely, family-friendly beaches, a view of the South Downs. Yet, this town has also been known for deprivation, immigrant tourism and has often been used as a dumping ground by those in power for the wider area’s problem people.  We do not reach the affluent scale, unlike our coastal near-neighbours of Hove and Brighton. The mid Sussex towns and villages are often commuter-belt or retirement areas of the county. Delightful in their surroundings, safe, real hubs of togetherness for some of the smaller settlements. Is it any wonder that the scale of happiness is higher? Social housing, seasonal unemployment is very much my town, more akin to the findings of the larger cities in this survey.

What is happiness? How can it be measured in such a generic way? Surely one person’s happiness is another’s misery? Age brackets, living accommodation, salary, family circumstances and even the great British weather will all play their part in the answers to any survey.

This is not happiness. This is external happiness, it is the world around YOU having influence. We can let everything feed as an excuse as to why we aren’t happy. The word for me, has lots the true meaning. Take it back to the inner you. Forget about the outside factors. Are you happy? That answer tells a story. If no, then spend some time reconnecting with who you really are.

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I consider myself to have happiness as my central structure – never used to, far from it. Life experiences, often painful, have taught me a lot about myself and how being happy is very much a choice from within and has no influence from others. To be truly happy is to be happy inside, is solely about who you are, not what happiness is passed on via the medium of other people and material things.  

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.”   Ralph Harston
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