Find Your Hygge


In a break from creating my Inspiration to Happiness training course, a trawl through the BBC web pages made me stop and grin.

A piece by Justin Parkinson caught my eye.

Hygge – the Danish concept of cosiness, of being kind to yourself during the long winter months.

So, our Nordic cousins are advocates of well-being, treating oneself with compassion. Maybe it is time that us Brits cottoned on to the benefits of seeking our own hygge (pronounced hoo-ga).

As Parkinson stated in his article, to live with limited daylight for a large portion of the year, the Danes decided to find comfort in the ‘small things’, to live in the present and appreciate, rather than worry about what may or may not be. That got me thinking….what was my hygge?

  • Bake off whilst snuggled up on the sofa?
  • Soaking in the bath engrossed in a great book?
  • Bedtime with Colin Murray’s daily podcast?
  • Appreciation of a cracking curry and naan?

The thing is, to find my hygge doesn’t need to cost, indeed the best things often don’t.

When we hunt out the ‘mini moments’ in life and fully tune into that, happiness prevails.

Everyday I come across people who are unhappy, who seemingly NEED to moan about work, home, relationships, litter, rail travel etc. Whatever their case, their disposition is negative. Do they find space for their hygge? What difference would it make to our lives if we could take a leaf out of our northern neighbours’ book and ‘chill’? Brits don’t chill….it is work, work, moan, moan. Sweden however are reducing the working day to six hours to create a healthier and happier workforce. This will never occur over here. We are workhorses.

With the impending doom of the changing of the clocks the evenings begin in the afternoon. The darkness will envelope us on our journey to and from work. We need to make every moment of happiness count.

I challenge you to find a hygge moment everyday. Savour it – stay in the moment, quieten the mind.

‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.’

Open your eyes – have a hygge!

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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