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5 Terrible Excuses For Why People Let Their Dreams Go – ELLIOTT MORREAU


I was sat in the hairdresser, my bi-monthly ritual to pretend I haven’t acquired grey hair yet, when I read the above article by Elliott Morreau.  Having just listened to those around me bemoaning their lives, their jobs, their relationships, it made me smile to myself. Turn the clock back about three years and that was exactly me.  A teacher for many years, a passion for learning and a  skill for imparting knowledge. I had a calling to assist those who struggled with self confidence and a belief that they could achieve, this was where I felt most successful. Yet…something had changed. It was not enough to make me happy anymore. How do you kiss goodbye to a very reasonable salary and pension to venture out into the unknown? Although many did not directly comment, I knew that colleagues probably thought I was bonkers. I had spent my whole life in control of everything. A control freak perhaps. Now, I was entering a world that was not the closeted teaching profession; this was the real world of corporate, of business. It did not go to plan! I did however have more choice than any other time in my existence. I could be who and what I wanted to be.

So….I used the skills I had, learned the tricks of the training trade and became someone who still wanted to guide and help others, but adults rather than children.

It took about a year before I was ready to realise my dream. A year of thinking that I could not do it. A year to define my WHY. But change is good surely? Pathways open up when you have the mindset to change. You may deviate from your orginal planned path, but another avenue will appear. My journey has begun. If you are still contemplating yours, read the article. The only thing stopping you is fear. Open your jack in the box and embrace a new you. What price happiness?

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