Dare we smile?


Doom and gloom, abandon hope all ye who enter the darkened world of the UK post Brexit. No one is smiling, everyone is worried and for those of us who support England, even the football could not lift the despondency.  But….it shows what a fickle world we live in, for yesterday, Super Sporting Sunday lifted our hearts and our minds. The murmur of excitement was back for many.  He once again shouldered the hopes of the nation, but with even more at stake; Andy Murray pounded the courts of Wimbledon to produce a win that was hard fought yet expected.  Heather Watson in the doubles matched the win. For other sports fans, Le Tour de France has continued to show the emergence of the domination of professional cycling by the Brits; Cavendish, Cummings and Froome powering home to win stages and Cav, Yates and Froome retaining the green, white and coveted yellow jerseys’ respectively.  Turning attention to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, a win for Lewis Hamilton.  The ‘other’ European Championships, you know, the one we can win medals at, saw outstanding wins in the relays and individual events.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

How dare people show expertise and sportsmanship to their fellow competitors! How dare these highly trained athletes strive towards their goal and continue to want to be the best they can be, never giving up when the going gets tough.  These people make us proud. They remind the doom –merchants that there is always a light at the end of a darkened tunnel. Unlike our politicians.

For 21 years I have worked in schools. I have intervened in arguments, listened and negotiated settlements, watched when the best of friends stab each other in the back one minute, only to reunite against the world the next. Sound familiar? To those involved it really IS the be all and end all at that time. But these little people are learning about how life works, how it is to be grown up. They have an excuse. What excuse do those in power have? All I can see is a shambles – a shambles that needs careful handling; not a fight in the political playground.  Let us hope that this current wave of happiness can rub off on those who need to take a step back and think what their duty really is. We, the people demand better; we deserve better.  I would say if things do not change then we should all decamp to foreign fields…but then realise that it would mean some of us having to run the gauntlet of Southern trains, so not a hope in hell of going anywhere fast there!

We wait with bated breath…

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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