Daily Dose of Happy


I pondered…do we need a HUGE event to make us happy, or will a daily dose keep us topped up sufficiently?

I returned to a school this week, one I am very well-known at by all the children and staff. I was quite humbled by the reaction of some of the children – those you wouldnt’ve thought would – came up and gave me a hug, all of their own volition. ( No child protection issues were breached in the content of this blog!) Numerous happy faces saying that they were pleased to see me, genuine affection. My heart was warmed. What could be seen as something so trivial from each individual added to something really appreciated by me and pinged my happiness scale.

Watching the children at play and interacting, with their sense of wonderment at the world was brilliant. They have no preconceptions. Each day is one filled with smiles, happiness and laughter. Why aren’t adult lives like that? When did that sense of joy at each new day disappear; the happiness dissipate?

I took my dear departed ex’s mother out for a belated birthday luncheon the next day. It was lovely to spend time chatting and listening to her wisdom. We then visited her husband who is now in a home. My assumption was that this might be quite depressing, having heard numerous stories on the news about care home living. Oh no! What a wonderful, uplifting experience. The place was spacious, clean, allowed him to be more independent in his wheelchair than he had been for the past two years or more in his own home. He was happy, animated and obviously well-liked. I heard nothing but praise for the staff, the cakes, dinners and the amount of daily activities that were put on to keep people’s brain active and entertained.  So much for assumption. I felt a genuine sense of happiness at what I saw.

Despite a horrid cold and hacking cough, how could I avoid the glorious sunshine. It was time to complete some much-needed gardening. WIth partial airways, I delighted in the smell of freshly cut grass, laughed at the pear explosion all over my face as the strimmer hit a hidden gem, enjoyed the ‘squashiness’ of the lawn after daily deluge after deluge of rain.

Nature at its best. Sun on my face, getting sweaty, at one with Mother Earth. Now, that was happiness in abundance.  Little things…

It is the major events in our lives that create the burst of happiness that we think about when we are asked…can you remember a happy occasion.  But.. we don’t have those on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. So we make do with collecting those happiness clubcard points during our daily lives… nothing that punches us with WOW! but just little things that add up… As we were told, “from small seeds, great things grow.”  Or ‘from strimmed pears, a face-wash emerges’.  Collect your seedbank and see what daily doses of happiness befall you this week.

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY

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