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Karen Hasted, Director and Founder of KLH Training Community Interest Company


I wanted to be happy so I decided I would be…and so can you

To do that I sought the help of someone who could help me get real clarity about what I want from life, and a deep understanding about the attitudes and situations that are holding me back and how to change them.

What I learned along the way is that the influences that shaped my life had squeezed me into a mould that wasn’t really me.  I was conditioned by phrases and ideas that I had never challenged and unwittingly gave them the power to hold me back from becoming the person I really wanted to be or from building the life that I really wanted.

I had taken on other’s people’s baggage and ideas of how life ought to be. I was stuck because I could only see and believe what I had been taught – accepting that it’s just the way it was, but not really owning what was actually true for me.

I learned that true resilience comes from being comfortable with who you really are so that you can grow and become the best version of you in every situation of life and relationships.


The results may take a little longer, but the shift in thinking can happen in a nanosecond.  In the last 20 years, the learning about neuro-physiology has been a real eye opener with the power to unlock huge potential.

I can tell you from personal experience that whatever your barriers are – real or imagined – it’s possible to redefine what you want, rewire how you think about it, re-imagine how to get there and reclaim that deep sense of being the authentic you in every area of your life.

That’s not to say that life won’t still throw lots of issues your way but you can be better equipped to handle them.

Are you ready to invest in you?

I have invested more than 10 years developing a wholisitic approach to getting the life I now enjoy and I would love to share that approach with you.  Whatever your reason, it is going to take a change to move life into happiness. Changing thought patterns and joined up thinking can make a huge positive impact on the small and big things in life. The first step is getting clarity.

From the classroom to the training room, I have brought over 20 years of knowledge and understanding of how we learn and progress to my courses. With an innate ability to understand the individual, I am very proud of my proven track record of facilitating improved self-confidence, success and change in those who have been in my care. Knowing that we are all inherently different in how we learn, process and accept challenges enables me to tailor courses to meet all active learners with authenticity and humour.


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Simon Forzani, Co-Director of KLH Training Community Interest Company


Simon Forzani, co-director, has over 20 years experience in working within the Third Sector, having worked for large charities such as YMCA, Rathbone and Lifeline. Simon has helped to support and been a trustee for several charities utilising his broad skill set in funding and operational developments within the sector. Simon is currently is the Senior Business Manager for Rathbone.