A Light-Hearted Reflection on My Christmas Past




Christmas – way back when…

My thoughts on the Christmas of my childhood, the 70s and early 80s.

What do I recall when I muse back to my younger days? Being the baby of the family I reflect on the adult conspiracy with amusement; sister 1 and 2 being 10 and 7 years older respectively, they didn’t let on and kept the magic.

Here we go:

The Hamper – oh yes, heaven. The gigantic box of long awaited goodies arrived. I adored opening the box. It was a ritual to place everything onto the kitchen table and gaze in awe at all the luxurious items we could not usually afford. To be fair, the sweets and biscuits were my main recollection; I am sure there were other things inside too, but bother that. Oh yes, the prunes and figs in some boxlike contraption (as if I was ever going near them!) I used to play ‘shops’ with the hamper stock, calculator as a till – hey, kids these days don’t know they are born with the advent of ‘self service’ tills. What I would’ve given for barcodes and beeping!

The Milkman’s Delivery – ooooo fizzypoptastic! Cherryade, Limeade and the best drink in the whole world….Cream Soda. I used to sniff that concoction like an addict!

The Sideboard – I was allowed to design the sideboard. All glasses were washed and set out alongside the booze stash ( important in our house). The biggest boxes at the back and the scabby nuts and said prunes and figs somewhere that I didn’t care!

WOW! An array of heart disease and cholesterol and I wasn’t allowed to touch any of it…

The Telly – The official purchase of the Radio and TV Times truly marked excitement. What was going to be on? Mark it in the book. No video to worry about – parental decision final. Oh, and guess who had to turn the bloomin’ telly over each time? Hm! How did they cope when I’d gone to bed – some pointing stick device I assume.

The Presents Part 1 – ALL OVER THE FLOOR – glistening and tempting me for days! I hadn’t quite worked out that if Father Christmas was due to come, then why were there presents there already?

The Morning – Awake just after midnight..damn. Awake just after 3, result! Stocking totally mullered. Thumb twiddling, hair twiddling…. Sleep!

Downstairs to see the remnants of the pie and reindeer grub. Dad had convinced me that FC was not partial to milk and preferred a tipple. Funnily enough that was always gone from the glass! WHY WONT THEY GET UP? Dad made us endure Perry Como’s Christmas Album ( family ritual )…. Cooked breakfast… I WANT PRESENTS!! … everyone ready… YES FFS Since 3am!

The Presents Part 2 – One for you, one for you..etc….a frenzy of paper tearing and oooing. I recall thinking I was glad that I wasn’t a grown up or my sisters as perfume and socks looked really mindnumbingly boring. Anyone want to play my new games? No…No.. No… oh great! Wasn’t a problem the year I received Bullseye darts game, I spent hours playing darts in the kitchen like Billy No Mates.

Pre Lunch – Open house for parental friends. Booze flows… the men all troop off to the pub. Sprout peeling begins….deep joy! Oh how lucky I am to be a domesticated woman.

Lunch – Bloody good fun! Set fire to a pudding? You what!! YUK! Hoard all the cracker toys. Hat welded to Dad’s sweaty pate.

Afternoon – The Queen and the obligatory film. Anyone want to play my games with me? No…No.. No.. grrrr! Snoring… then tea time.. cold meat and TRIFLE (not together) and free attack of the sideboard of goodies….

Christmas eh. 14 years of fun and laughter. Didn’t matter that we weren’t loaded. I never had the ‘in’ things my friends had but it was special with all the family over the 2 days of indulgence and Brighton and Hove Albion. All changed after the parental split. But hey, life moves on; memories stay.

Enjoy your day – from the young girl hiding inside the 43 year old body.

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY


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