Resilience Regenerated

What makes us happy? Happiness is a very unique concept. If you asked a poll of people, most would give some generic stock answers such as money, family and friends, but dig deeper and the nutshell of happiness has not been analysed by many. We all have days which go well, the ultimate ‘happy days’, but life is not a straight road; the propensity to meander is very real. For lots of us, each day is a challenge when viewed as a whole. There are very few people who get through a day oozing happiness throughout. Curve-balls are thrown towards us left, right and centre. The only way to deal with life is to live in the moment. Happiness is easily measured when you scale it right back to the here and now.

Unfortunately, us humans rarely manage this seemingly straightforward way of thinking. We stress over the ‘trifles’ as well as the BIG stuff. Things that are mountainous in magnitude to deal with quickly become overwhelming and pull us back down to the beginning of the climb.

What separates those who fight and those who flight is resilience. Resilience that is inbuilt from birth, that oozes from every pore of an exploring baby, fear has not been conditioned, can be seen as they tackle any mountain in their way. How do we learn? We learn from failure. We learn by trying again, not giving up, thinking outside the box, we learn from our resilience.

If we are so out of tune with our inner strength, then help is out there, from mindfulness groups through to talking therapies. We live in a world that has moved away from ‘gut instinct and trial and error’ to one that has to be the best, have the best and achieve.

As Winston Churchill said:


“Success is not final.

Failure is not fatal;

It is the courage to continue that counts.”  


…And boy, did we have that in buckets when it really counted. The collective resilience of the British Public was attune to an extra army on the ground in real terms. The ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ allowed us to battle on. Maybe as individuals, we need to regenerate like Dr Who, to switch on the change button, to wash away all the angst we carry, weighing us down daily and battle back in our minds. Create the battleground in our mindset that would see the good guys overcome the baddies. After all,  change is good, evolution is how we began.


“We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.” Matt Smith as The Doctor


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