Expectation and assumption are two words we all take for granted. Whether it is in our private or work lives, there will be people we expect or assume will do or take care of certain things, because…they always do. And here lies the problem. What if they don’t? Don’t want to or can no longer? Who notices until it is too late?  Over time, we step into roles. We find a niche and whether deliberately or inadvertently, make it our own.  Lives evolve and with that comes the realisation that we no longer want to be condemned to live in the same way. Yet, moving out of the expected means knocking over the first domino in a long line which will impact on everyone.  Most will falter at the beginning, see the uncomfortable chain of events that lead to freedom and think it unattainable.

“The difference between the attainable and unattainable lies in a person’s determination.”

If what once worked for you no longer meets your needs, then put yourself first. There is no shame in saying, ‘no more’, there is no right or wrong to moving onto a different life path.  If you truly want to change, you will find that way forward.

Nobody said it will be easy and yes, there will be friction along the way, but ultimately to step out of expectation you have to be bold. Boldness takes guts. Or you do just as everyone always assumes …. And remain. Take charge of who you are. Take note of your instinct. Take action.

Don’t just tap the first domino; kick it!

“Find the lead domino and whack away at it until it falls.”

Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, Shine BRIGHTLY