Never one to follow the trend, it is now time to spring clean the house. Plans made in my head, cleaning products and rubbish bags bought and then procrastination. All good things come to those who wait… or do they? Not really….if something needs doing, then get on with it. A good metaphor for life. So this morning I began with de-cluttering the spare room, being ruthless with sentiment and consigning some of my past to the bin of life. It feels good. It has left space for new. Hopefully, not space for more junk. As I move from room to room clearing and moving out furniture to hoover away what has lain hidden for months, it made me think that once the house was done, it is time to do the same chore within my head. I know exactly what needs to be done on the surface, but after an enforced ‘timeout’ of business, I know there is much to do, with a renewed vigour and energy.  One happy chapter back in my old guise ended last week, now to move forward with the next.  Feeling jumbled? Find your own bags and de-stress.


“Clutter is simply delayed decisions.”

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At last! Finally! It happened – we had a hot day in our summer… woop!

It depended on how your day panned out as to how much you enjoyed the day. I spent the day trying to keep small people cool, watered and entertained; not as easy as you think when they are out in the sun all morning for a school event. A previously delayed by rain event.

The joy of the sun took its toll on us all in the afternoon. The children were happy to be quietly busy inside, tired after the morning’s exertion under the beautiful clear blue sky. I could have done with a siesta!

I know that if I had rung my mother this evening I would have been given the standard response to a hot day; she hates them, her legs swell, her joints ache, it is all too much! But hey, life would be boring if we were all the same. What provides the source of happiness for some is the antithesis of smiles for others.

That ball of plasma in the sky is an ever-changing mass of awe. It is the ultimate life-giver. We bask in the rays, we yearn for the longer evenings of summer, we race to be outside lapping up the vitamin d. It is almost like the sun powers our happiness switch – unless you happen to be my mother of course! What cares we have are forgotten for that walk barefoot on lush green, freshly-mown grass, or toes dipped into water, all under the comforting glare of the sun.

There was less provenance given to creaming up when I was young. Sunburn was a common occurrence. I am glad that we now understand the beauty and the beast that is the sun. We have evolved through its millennia and it will continue to lay claim to moments of happiness long after we are just dust in its wake. The next time you decide that the sun is too hot, or that it has given you a headache, stop and think. Think how mind-blowingly fantastic it is that this ball of extreme nature is the our life force. Stop and appreciate and be thankful for what it brings, and in homage to the late Caroline Aherne, think, “ooo scorchio!” and smile.

“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” Wilma Rudolph
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Dare we smile?


Doom and gloom, abandon hope all ye who enter the darkened world of the UK post Brexit. No one is smiling, everyone is worried and for those of us who support England, even the football could not lift the despondency.  But….it shows what a fickle world we live in, for yesterday, Super Sporting Sunday lifted our hearts and our minds. The murmur of excitement was back for many.  He once again shouldered the hopes of the nation, but with even more at stake; Andy Murray pounded the courts of Wimbledon to produce a win that was hard fought yet expected.  Heather Watson in the doubles matched the win. For other sports fans, Le Tour de France has continued to show the emergence of the domination of professional cycling by the Brits; Cavendish, Cummings and Froome powering home to win stages and Cav, Yates and Froome retaining the green, white and coveted yellow jerseys’ respectively.  Turning attention to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, a win for Lewis Hamilton.  The ‘other’ European Championships, you know, the one we can win medals at, saw outstanding wins in the relays and individual events.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

How dare people show expertise and sportsmanship to their fellow competitors! How dare these highly trained athletes strive towards their goal and continue to want to be the best they can be, never giving up when the going gets tough.  These people make us proud. They remind the doom –merchants that there is always a light at the end of a darkened tunnel. Unlike our politicians.

For 21 years I have worked in schools. I have intervened in arguments, listened and negotiated settlements, watched when the best of friends stab each other in the back one minute, only to reunite against the world the next. Sound familiar? To those involved it really IS the be all and end all at that time. But these little people are learning about how life works, how it is to be grown up. They have an excuse. What excuse do those in power have? All I can see is a shambles – a shambles that needs careful handling; not a fight in the political playground.  Let us hope that this current wave of happiness can rub off on those who need to take a step back and think what their duty really is. We, the people demand better; we deserve better.  I would say if things do not change then we should all decamp to foreign fields…but then realise that it would mean some of us having to run the gauntlet of Southern trains, so not a hope in hell of going anywhere fast there!

We wait with bated breath…

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Heads out of Sand


And so the dust has settled on the turmoil that was the referendum. My immense shock at the outcome has alleviated, but the concern for the future remains – or indeed didn’t remain! My future is unclear. The impact of the result will shape my up and coming choices and ultimately my career. The almost childlike behaviour from some of our politicians reminds of what I witness in the playground and does not fill me with any form of hope or confidence that there will emerge a sound leader to steady this ship. I hope I am proved wrong on every level.

So without stability in the outside world, this brings me back almost full circle to this time last year.  There was a void to fill, one which was an inherent need to assist those around me with achieving their ability to find the core of their own happiness. It is a word that gets bandied about freely, but to really have the mindset that allows someone not to panic, to find who they truly are without the hassle of the world clouding their judgments and decision, is not so easy. Our natural instinct is to bury our heads in the sand, any sand and say, “I’m ok!”. Maybe this unease in our nation will promote a chance to reprogram, a chance to think about who we are at our base level. For those who can, it really is a change for the better and for those who cannot, then help is available.  Time to heal? Time to find your happiness?

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