Being Happy?


The word ‘happy’ is bandied about on a daily basis..but what does it actually mean? Is it quantifiable?

The rather wonderful drama, ‘Marvellous’ shown on BBC 2 last year made the concept of happiness slap me in the face.  Screened at a time when my father was dying of leukemia and I was his carer, the concept of being happy was not at the forefront of my mind.

The story of Neil ‘Nello’ Baldwin’s almost blind faith in the goodness of people was so uplifting that it has stayed with me through the death of my father and the subsequent early days of grief that arrived with a whammy once the practicalities of life and death had faded.

His simple but authentic quote, “I wanted to be happy, so I decided to be,” struck a chord that has stayed with me, often buried in the quagmire of tears and all-encompassing daily recovery of the life of a carer.

So what is happiness? Is it permanent or transient? Is it a fleeting feeling or something more inherent? Can we change our mindset to become Nello?

As each day passes, there is more realisation that no one has a divine right to be happy nor miserable. As humans, we seem to believe that things as are ‘not my fault’.  As the world has become a ‘quick-fix’, is that what we too expect of happiness?

Through the many trials and rollercoaster of events that have occurred to me in my 43 years on the planet, I can look back at snapshots of occasions and gain a sense of contentment, , yes I was happy.  I can recall almost hour by hour the happiest day of my life – a school day trip to Dorset, visiting the haunts of a favourite author with a group of people who made the whole thing worthwhile. But can I look back and say that life has made me happy? Or rather that I have made my life happy? No! So, why not?

There is a job to do, a challenge to undertake, a whole wealth of mindsets to change.  That is why I am here. At some point in our lives all the i’s become dotted, the t’s crossed and it all makes sense. Happiness is not a one off fortunate event, it is a way of being. It is seeing the tiny blue clear patch of sky rather than the dark rain clouds, it is knowing that it is only YOU who hold YOU back.

I have changed my mindset to allow Neil’s quote to become my essence, my belief and have decided that I will ‘bring the sunshine into people’s lives’ because let’s face it… the Brits love talking about the weather! Now I intend to transfer that to talking about the innermost self.  Remember to appreciate, connect and breathe.

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